Are you Advanced?

FUNdamentals Junior Golf Coaching

This golf coaching program is for juniors ages 10-12-years-old who have had some experience with the game, want to have some SERIOUS FUN while learning the game!




What Is The Advanced Junior Golf Coaching Program?

The Advanced Junior Golf Coaching Program offers more than just golf instruction. It offers a chance to improve your child’s skills for life. By teaching then sportsmanship, team play, confidence, etiquette and most Importantly HAVING FUN!!!

This golf coaching program is geared for the golfer that’s is in 6th and 7th grade who enjoys the game and wants to start playing more and and preparing to compete at the high school level. This is the first step in the BKPG Performance Program.


Why Coaching VS Private Lessons

The philosophy is based on the student becoming more independent after each session as they learn the 4 key areas of the game. They are leaning the mindset and mental focus for golf; this includes how to score and manage the course, how to analyze their play and create purposeful practice routines that promote long-term development, and Skill Development which focuses on the skill sets needed to accomplish their goals for golf.

We coach your junior as an Individual in a Team environment. Each of our juniors is taught the skills and techniques based on his or her strength & mobility, their learning style, and their desired outcome. The team environment is so productive for several key reasons:

1. It creates the right environment to learn the life skills and core values we teach

2. It allows your junior to build friendships in an individual game

3. It allows coaches to create competition and challenges that motivate the players

4. It enables your child to take leadership or mentoring roles to develop interpersonal skills

5. It increases the hours your child can spend with their coach while not increasing the expense

6. Its reduces the chances of over-teaching & technical overload as we allow the child to apply what they are learning by experimentation and encouraging them to learn and ask questions rather than just be told what do to do. 


What You Get With The BKPG Junior Golf Coaching Program.



The BKPG Golf Programs are all-inclusive

Each month includes team coaching, skills, drills, competition, and games. This environment accelerates each athlete to reach his or her maximum potential.


Whats included:


  • 60 Minutes of coaching weekly (program runs year-round)
  • Fun team environment
  • On-Course playing experience
  • Full swing/short game fundamentals
  • Prairie Landing Golf Club, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Brian King Performance Golf Center, winter/ inclement weather days
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