Are you High School Elite?

High School Elite Coaching

The high school elite is for the competitive high school golfer who wants to excel in competitive golf and desires to compete at the collegiate level.


What Is The High School Elite Junior Golf Coaching Program?

The High School Elite Golf Coaching Program offers more than just golf coaching. This Program is for the high school student that plans on playing collegiate golf. I will provide you with the golf game that ensures you the most success.

BKPG Coaching Philosophy:

At BKPG, we believe that to play to your potential you must look at the entire game of golf. Golf Instruction is often just the golf swing but the game measured by score, not the look of your swing. At BKPG, we have 4 key areas we focus on to build a golf game that can be self-sufficient for our players and show long-term improvement.

1. The Golfing Mindset – a golfer must be taught how to manage their thinking so they are able to control their emotions. In golf, you will be tested mentally and physically; if emotions and negative thinking are in the picture, then the golfer will struggle to trust their talent and enjoy the so-called pressure of tournament play)

2.The Real Game of Golf – Golf is a game of misses & mistakes; nobody has perfected the game and no one ever will. The key is not to try to perfect the game but to play it! To do this you have to know that the lowest score wins. So the question is how do you shoot lower scores? We teach our players through game-based training how to shoot lower scores and how to track their play so they can match it up to stats from the best players in the world or from their desired level.

3.Purposeful Practice – We believe practice does not make perfect; it makes permanent! So to become a champion golfer you must practice the way champion golfers practice. We teach our players fun ways to challenge themselves in ways that simulate tournament conditions.

4. Skill Development – At BKPG, we focus on teaching our players only the skills they need to accomplish their current goals. There are so many parts to the game of golf so often players become overwhelmed with information and are no longer playing golf but thinking technique. By adding the skill sets, the player needs a progression based on their ability; it allows the learning process to be fun, fast, and lasting. This comes from the gymnastics arena where a student has to first learn how to do a somersault to start a path one day leading to a backflip on a balance beam.



What You Get With The BKPG High School Elite Golf Coaching Program


The BKPG Golf Programs are all-inclusive.

Each month includes team coaching, skills, drills, competition and, games. This environment encourages each BKPG student to reach their maximum potential.


What’s Included:

  • 90 Minutes of coaching weekly (program runs year-round
  • Competitive team environment
  • Individual improvement plan tailored for each athlete
  • On-Course coaching
  • Full swing fundamentals
  • Periodic parent meetings
  • Stat tracking
  • Club speed training
  • The Scoring Method Journal
  • Physical fitness training
  • Access to my indoor facility for winter practice
  • Special pricing on golf equipment and golf shoes
  • Prairie Landing Golf Club, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Brian King Performance Golf Center, winter/ inclement weather days


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