Meet Brian 

Member of the Professional Golfers Association  Class “A” Life Member Coach 

Quarter Century Club-25 Years PGA Member 

US Kids Club Top 50 Honorable Mention

I’m a Class “A” Life Member of the PGA, I have spent a lifetime perfecting the craft of simplifying the ideas that are often confusing in golf.

With a relaxed approach, I take the intimidation factor out of your golf coaching sessions.

In 25 years as a PGA Professional, and 37 plus years as a player, I”ve been in your shoes and understand the challenges and frustrations faced during the learning process.  I have trained under one of the top 50 instructors of all time, Dr. Jim Suttie and countless others. 

Golf is my  life, it’s my passion and I’m very proud to say that golf is the ONLY I job ever had. 

I have found a great home at Prairie landing and proud to be in my 15th season.

Driving Results

With me, it’s all about YOU!

There is no single quick fix that works for every golfer. Over time, while taking lessons directly from golf legend Dr. Jim Suttie (“One of America’s Top 20 Greatest Teachers – Golf Digest), Brian has learned how to conduct pin point swing evaluations and provide solutions that work WITH the player’s body type, not against it.

Everyone’s swing, body type, and tendencies are different. “I don’t subscribe to any one theory on how to swing a golf club,” Brian says. “I believe in taking an artful approach in analyzing each golfer’s unique swing, and then applying a baseline of fundamentals to help them achieve a more productive result.”

It’s this unique analysis of your individual swing that sets Brian apart from other golf instructors. By taking the time to understand your swing, your body type and your goals, Brian will ultimately make you much happier on the course.


Brian’s swing has changed over time and continues to change to this day. During college, he began learning exclusively from Dr. Jim Suttie. He had 100% belief in his coach and he worked tirelessly to improve. Brian was a student long before he was a coach, so he understands the challenges golfers face while learning new skills.

Brian spent countless hours observing Dr. Suttie, focusing on how he evaluated the golf swing. It was here, that Brian learned how to pin point problem areas within a swing. He learned how to work within a player’s body type in order to seamlessly make changes that would improve their game. It’s this individual approach that Brian brings to each student that sets him apart from other teachers.

To this day, Brian continues to study the works of top teachers and how they approach each person’s unique swing characteristics. Even great teachers need to remain teachable!


The “Game Improvement Triad” is a cyclical diagram Brian uses to break the game down into the most basic areas of golf instruction.


Technique / Instruction

This area deals with the basic fundamentals of moving an object, the golf ball, towards an intended target. The fundamentals of the basic stroke fall within this area. The basic fundamentals are:

  • Grip: Holding the club properly.
  • Balance: Starting with and maintaining good balance throughout the swing.
  • Posture: Starting with and maintaining good posture throughout the swing.
  • Club Motion: The only positions in this are the beginning, top of the swing and the end of the swing.
  • IMPACT: The moment of TRUTH in the swing!


This area deals with understanding the basics of properly fitted equipment. Equipment should help, rather than hinder a golfer’s game. Having the proper “tools” will make the game more enjoyable, because it will work WITH your natural swing, instead of against it. In addition, this area touches on whether or not you have the proper range of clubs in your bag to fit your playing style.


On-Course Coaching

Range practice is important while grooving a new skill set into your swing, but the only true way anyone gets better is by taking their practice to the course. Brian’s background as a highly competitive player can help you with your game under any playing condition. This combines the areas of technique and equipment and tests their effectiveness on the golf course. There is a great deal of information one can learn while playing a few holes. Brian will help you understand course strategy, mental aspects, club selection, uneven lies, rules, etiquette and much more.

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