Adult Coaching Programs

The Remote Coaching Program is designed to help us overcome two of our greatest obstacles in supporting your continued development: time and proximity. This remote coaching program provides us with the necessary tools to extend our reach for 1/ out-of-town clients unable to see us for regular in-person sessions and 2/ in-town clients who desire more support along with frequent check-ups between sessions. Rather than leave a session and be on your own until we can meet again, BKPG Remote allows us to offer greater access to a full array of coaching tools and maintain uninterrupted forward momentem towards your goals.



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Connect with CoachNow

We use CoachNow to stay connected with students to continue their learning experience.

Step 1) Email your initial evaluation with intentions and goals.

Step 2) Download the free CoachNow app.



What is the online lesson?

Upload a video to your CoachNow training space. Brian will provide a voice over side by side analysis for you to have in your CoachNow space.

What is a online checkup?

A check up is an uploaded video for Brian to provide a short reply to and provide a brief overview of the swing.

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