BKPG Testimonials

“I have know Brian King for over 10 years and until recently have been trying to improve my golf game through instructional videos, online golf sites and guru golf books. In hearing he was opening the Swing by King Performance Center, I stopped by the St. Charles location to see what he was up to. Brian and I talked about the merits of working during the off-season to improve and I jumped right in being the first to join at the new location. After one month and just 4 lessons it was the best decision I could have made as I have seen an extraordinary improvement in my swing and consistency using Brian’s techniques. If you are serious about getting better and more consistent, I would commit my time and resources with Brian and get started now!! I am very excited that we have 2 more months of off-season, as it will give me time with Brian to improve all aspects of my game; including my short game and putting. He’s the real deal when you’re ready to improve!!”

Brad “Press” Price

“Brian King’s program has meant so much to me as a golfer. I have gotten so much better since joining the program. I received a great deal of knowledge about golf and how really PLAY the game of golf. My swing has improved but my SCORING ability is what has grown by leaps and bounds.”

Brendan Fritz

“My son started playing golf and taking golf lessons from Coach King, 3 ½ years ago. His progress under Coach King has been amazing for me to watch. In that short time, he’s gone from learning how to properly grip or swing the clubs, to being able to beat his Dad this past fall (admittedly not that difficult), and making the High School’s golf team. Coach King has an ideal coaching style. His comprehensive knowledge of the game, combined with an organized but low-pressure approach, was perfect for my son, who’s love for the game developed and continues to grow under Coach King.”


“Coach King’s new indoor facility is top notch! The equipment and simulators are awesome. With Coach King’s phenomenal instruction, my son is spending the winter fine tuning his game. So great that he is able to train all year with such an incredible coach.”

Kelly Olson

“Brian is a multi-dimensional golf coach who not only works with adult golfers but has a number of terrific programs for kids. He has helped transform my game using all of the latest golf technology (FlightScope, simulator, etc.) He excels with training kids and my daughter has worked with him in a fun constructive manor as she prepares for High School golf. I strongly recommend Brian no matter what you are trying to achieve in the game.”


“I took a series of 3 one hour private lessons with Brian a year ago with the objective of getting more consistency in my full swing shots. Mission accomplished! With a few minor adjustments, I got better aiming consistency and maybe a few more yards in distance. Now I have solid swing thoughts to use whenever things start to go awry. Just signed up for another series of lessons to work on my short game this summer. Brian is a great coach and keeps things as simple as possible to make grasping a skill easy. Highly recommended!”

Jim Oldham

“Swing by King is the best! Brian is a true professional yet relatable to our 8-year-old daughter. His positive attitude and personal approach to teaching along with the use of very cool side by side video technology is the perfect balance toward achieving a better swing. We trust not only his instruction but the influence on our daughter and she thrives under his direction. We love that teaching time is consistent either indoors or out!”

Denise Coen

“My 12-year-old son had several personal sessions with Brian and quickly learned some essential swing fundamentals. He enjoyed the time with Brian, who was friendly and easy going.”

Chris Curione

“Brian is an elite golf coach. Anyone looking to become a real golfer needs to work with him. I worked with Brian about 2 years ago for a few lessons. I worked hard on what he gave and I went from a 13 handicap down to a 7. “

Sean Matthew Whitfield

My son Jack (14) has been taking golf lessons with Brian for three years. We had two other golf pros before Brian. Brian far exceeded all the other golf pros in his teaching methods, communication with the player, and opportunities for development of play on the course. My son was a beginner golfer and now has made the golf team in high school. He would not have achieved that goal without the help of Brian. Brian is a gifted instructor for youth golf and was patient with Jack and helped him develop more confidence in his golf game. My son really likes that Brian incorporates technology and apps as well as videos for review from the lessons. We will be staying with Brian all the way through high school & even after that!

Nancy Oller

“We have had both our sons in Coach King’s golf program for more than three years now. They are progressing nicely in IJGA, and are well-positioned for high school competition 12 months from now. King’s program is a perfect balance of hard work and enjoying the game. The best parts include excellent fundamental coaching around your child’s core/pure athletic ability, managing the mental aspects of the game, and learning the importance of integrity and kindness. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and well-rounded growth of our two boys.

Greg Dummer

“I have been working with Brian for over two years and he has taught me to be a better player physically and mentally. He has also helped me understand my swing as well. I consider Brian more than a coach but a friend, someone who I can communicate with. Lastly, Brian has helped me accomplish many of my goals including playing golf at a Division I College.

NIU Women’s Golf Team

“If it weren’t for winter closing our golf season, we’d probably never take the time to both get instruction & practice technique. I’ve found indoor video lessons to be valuable in matching what I “feel” to what I really do (i.e. no more illusions!). The feedback is immediate and through patient instruction I’ve learned proper technique to help my swing be more consistent. It’s more thoughtful and productive than pounding ball after ball on the range. I’m looking forward to the coming golf season!!”

Larry Hanley

“Brian King became my instructor at the beginning of the year. He taught me a lot as the year went by. His techniques of teaching the game of golf are excellent in every way, such as teaching me how to compete well in a tournament. Every time I went to work with Brian I came out better than when I went in. The things I learned with him about golf didn’t just help me with golf, but also helped me with many other things I do in daily life, like school. My 18 hole round average has improved from an 83 to a 77 during my time working with Brian. I look forward to continuing my work as Brian’s golf student. Brian King is an excellent instructor of golf and an excellent person.”

Brody Kuhar

“I am emailing you to say thanks! Recently, I tried out for the Wheaton College Golf Team and I was selected to be a part of the team it. I want to say thank you for all the time you have invested in me and my golf game. Without your help, my golf game would not be where it is today. So thanks so much for all the time, lessons, and the internship. I cannot thank you enough! Also, I as I attend college close to home, and play golf here, I will definitely stay in touch with you and see you for some tune ups in my swing/game. Thanks again Brian! I appreciate it more than I can write in a email.”

Ben Souders

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